Project Overview
For the Ironclad rebrand project we worked in partnership with San Francisco based branding agency Century to develop a unique and authentic visual brand language for the digital contracting platform.
My Contributions
I jumped in just after the project had kicked off and continued to help the team iterate on their brand explorations. This involved direction and feedback on everything from typography to logo to color palette. I also contributed to the execution of the brand creating a marketing website, a conference website and associated print materials.

For context, everything below is the brand at launch in 2019. Since then, I have helped iterate, expand and pivot where necessary over the following three years in all directions with my excellent team. Let's chat if you want to see how that evolution has shaped up!
Color and typography were chosen to create a modern twist on an established look. Ironclad’s customers are in the legal community. We want to serve them a trustworthy brand through established serifs and cool navy tones, while also updating their process into the modern age. We paired traditional motifs with modern flair. Our illuminated green and embellished serifs create this well-tuned tension.

Ironclad has a passionate and supportive community. Their customers love the product and are some of the products strongest advocates. We leveraged this customer love by highlighting their authentic interactions through photography. Photos are captured in real time at live community events. While this style of photography is technically more challenging, we prioritized the extra effort to bring these moments to life.
In the midst of the rebrand, Ironclad was also planning its first conference. We used this opportunity to stress test the new feel and found it an easy transition. My team used the in-progress brand system to build a conference website, swag and other printed assets.

This was a good place to try out a new bracket based design motif. Ironclad use brackets often to denote variables in the product. These are the dynamic spaces legal teams set up to make varied contracts easier to create and distribute. We took this common pattern from the product and created a stylish version to live in the brand. It can be found from the logo to how we border print materials.