Gusto Brand Execution

Web Design, Branding
Project Overview
The brand execution on This included expanding the new Gusto brand, UX/UI design, web design, product marketing design and overall strategy.
My Contributions
My team and I completely revamped over 100 webpages in a few months. This involved a process of redesigns, reskins and everything in between to ship in such a short period of time. I specifically focused on product pages, how we displayed product UI and custom UI animation.
The Gusto refresh project took about a year from inception to launch. I was involved throughout all aspects, but primarily focused on execution. This meant creating a marketing design system using  brand principles from the redesign process and expanding them.
The primary focus pf this project involved redesigning the entire marketing website and reskinning much of our other digital platforms. I worked closely with designer Natalie Schoch to revamp over 100 webpages in just a few months. We took one page of limited brand elements and turned them into an entire working ecosystem. Our team created the system for using illustration, typography photography, color and animation throughout all digital platforms. While we worked on our digital designs, we constantly collaborated to make sure the brand felt consistent across print, deck design, and other company materials.
One important piece of this project was discovering how we could show Gusto's beautiful product without consistently updating assets or overwhelming the user with wordy screenshots. We created a balanced system of full screenshots in key locations and specific feature moments of the product in other areas. This created a nice pattern and cadence to the website. I specifically enjoyed creating an animation system for these moments that drew the eye, without causing too much disruption to content.