I'm Lindsay

I'm a brand leader blending marketing know-how, creative direction, and graphic design to breathe life into brands and drive ROI.

I am currently a lead on the Brand Team at Ironclad, helping shape our creative outreach to maximize our image. Ironclad is an industry-disrupting Digital Contracting company rethinking the way business contracts work.

Top skills:
1. Developing brand strategy that reflect top-level business goals
2. Creative Direction, Art Direction, and Design for campaigns that reinforce brand strategy.
3. Cross-functional communication and alignment to create a consistent brand voice from executive PR, down to customer success whitepapers and everything in-between.
4. Scaling systems of brand (everything from visuals to voice and tone) with a deep understanding of tools and technologies that aid this growth.
5. Mentorship and leadership for brand designers and marketers.

How I got here

I've been messing around with Photoshop since high school and making sites look pretty with code since Myspace. I studied Art History and Design in college and threw myself into the internet with Hackbright Academy's full stack engineering bootcamp when I first moved to San Francisco.

I've been thinking deeply about the intersection of design, technology and the internet as a professional for over five years.

Graphic Design
Art Direction
Web Design
CSS Coding


I've started writing about my work in the past year. It's been a great experience and I plan to write more soon!
  • TBD
  • Step Away from the Pixels
    (Jan 2019)
  • The Business Impact of Design
    (Sept 2018)


I've also starting speaking at events. It's nerve wracking in the best way. ;)
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Hey there,

Let's get a in-person or virtual coffee and talk design sometime.

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